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DisabilityGuidelines™ enables health care providers, case managers, and employers to utilize and communicate consistent, accurate expectations on return-to-work treatment and disability duration for improved disability outcomes, employee health, and company productivity.

With in-depth information regarding definitions, diagnosis and prognosis, rehabilitation, disability durations, and restrictions and accommodations for over 1,300 of the most frequently disabling conditions, DisabilityGuidelines™ offers your organization a robust data set that helps get employees back to their normal, healthy lives—and full productivity—as quickly as possible. Built on a world-class technology platform, DisabilityGuidelines™ provides:

DisabilityGuidelines™ also is available to software providers and content aggregators in an easy-to-integrate XML-based web services format. With web services, customers are able to seamlessly integrate the most recently updated versions of disability durations, predictive recommendations, and referential content into the workflow of their end-users.

Learn more about how DisabilityGuidelines™ can help you manage employee disability more effectively:

The deepest and highest quality data

The DisabilityGuidelines™ database comprises over 2 million workplace absence cases culled from internal experience, multinational companies, and government organizations. This data is examined by a Medical Advisory Board that verifies its accuracy and adds up-to-the-minute clinical insights to the topics. With its meticulous process of collecting and enhancing outcomes data, DisabilityGuidelines™ summarizes the latest thinking on treatment, return to work durations, and restrictions and accommodations for disabilities.

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The most reliable disability durations

DisabilityGuidelines™ disability durations are based on physiological recovery time--the time takes to recover from a given injury or illness, providing one has prompt access to medical care. ODG, another provider of return-to-work guidelines, uses publicly available worker’s compensation data to develop its disability durations. The worker’s comp system introduces variables into the management of a case that, for a range of reasons, often extends an employee’s absence from work beyond physiological recovery time. Therefore, our focus on physiological recovery often results in disability duration recommendations that are significantly shorter than our competitor’s.

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Superior user interface for administrative savings

Quintas, an independent user experience consulting firm, found that, on average, users were able to access the right information twice as quickly with DisabilityGuidelines™ than with ODG’s return-to-work product.

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Consistent and defensible return-to-work recommendations

Because DisabilityGuidelines™ is based on millions of clinical cases that are rigorously complied, then physician reviewed, your case managers have the information necessary to provide fair, consistent, and defensible recommendations, lowering the risk of litigation and union grievances.

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