Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and
Leave of Absence (LOA)

Reed Group’s absence management services relieve employers of the increasing complexity and resource burden of employee leave processing and tracking. We help you reduce costs and provide flexibility, consistency and privacy for employees.

Whether you utilize FMLA and LOA management integrated with our expert disability management services or stand alone, you will experience better control and quantifiable savings from Reed Group’s absence management services. Reed Group’s proven approach to FMLA and LOA administration provides the following benefits:

Consistent Employee Care

Our absence management services are based on managing leaves, not just tracking them. Every employee receives education, care and confidentiality. Efficient processes help your employees through challenging personal or family illness and crisis, while reducing abuse of non-qualified requests.

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Expert Tracking and Reporting

Our robust absence management software accurately and concurrently tracks and reports FMLA and LOA claims concurrently with disability and workers’ compensation for a total picture of the effects of absenteeism. Intermittent time can be tracked to the lowest increment of time needed.

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FMLA Regulatory Compliance

Reed Group guarantees FMLA claims are managed in compliance with ever-changing state and Federal Regulations. Our internal compliance team constantly updates internal process and keeps you informed of FMLA and LOA case law and regulatory changes.

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LOA Coordination

In addition to FMLA Services, Reed Group can incorporate company-specific, state or local leave policies into your customized absence management program. Ask us about adding your unique options for leave management of maternity/paternity, jury duty, bereavement, sabbatical, sick or medical leave, vacation, PTO, and more.

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Communication and Training

Reed Group will work with you to properly transition your absence management program through comprehensive training for all levels of your organization and ongoing notifications and correspondence.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Reed Group provides a suite of reports specific to your employee population, addressing summary statistics, determinations, absence approval or denial information, trends and analyses. Real time on-line reporting options are available 24/7 with customizable searching and downloadable formatting types. Quarterly reporting packages provide you with a snapshot of total absence experience for workforce planning and program adjustment.

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Turnkey Technology

Our absence management services are supported by our custom-designed software platform which provides a comprehensive framework for activities and tasks related to FMLA and LOA. Powerful tracking and notification features keep you and your employees informed efficiently.

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