Shepell·fgi, a Canadian provider of workplace health and productivity solutions, surveyed 100 Canadian organizations and concluded in a June 4, 2009 report that “that far too many supervisors and managers in the Canadian workplace are not equipped to deal with employee health, productivity, absenteeism, disability, and employees returning to work after an absence.”

Recommendations from the survey were as follows:

Seward said organizations should do the following:

  • Establish preventative measures to include proactive promotion of EAP-based employee needs, both at the broader organizational level and at the workgroup level.
  • Establish regular and formal manager/supervisor training to identify and respond to declining productivity and changes in employee behaviour.
  • Support managers and supervisors with absence data, and also absence trending data, so managers will know when to intervene when it comes to employee absence.
  • Support managers and supervisors with better and more consistent, return-to-work processes.

Absence management data is, of course, what we do at MDGuidelines and we have plenty of evidence-based, physician-reviewed data to show that managing absence cases to optimal return-to-work guidelines is beneficial both for companies and for helping employees return more quickly to healthy, productive endeavors.

You can read Shepell-fgi’s summary article and download the report from here.