Super Bowl Monday Hangover– The Unofficial Winter Holiday

By: Kevin Curry, SVP and National Practice Leader and Megan Holstein, Esq., Director of Compliance Recently, we provided our thoughts and a few statistics to Inc. Magazine for its article How to Plan for Your Employees’ Super Bowl Hangovers. Because this topic is of utmost relevance to our readers, we have expanded our thoughts regarding … Continued

The Supreme Court Agrees to Consider Same Sex Marriage; how will this impact leave of absence?

By: Lori Welty, Esq., Compliance Attorney and Megan Holstein, Esq., Director of Compliance Back in October, we blogged about the Supreme Court’s groundbreaking non-decision. The court declined to hear five appeals from federal circuit court decisions holding that state bans of same-sex marriage were unconstitutional. Typically the Supreme Court hears circuit level cases involving conflict. … Continued

News You Can Use

By: Lori Welty, Esq., Compliance Attorney President Obama Makes State and Federal Paid Sick Leave a Priority: Paid sick leave isn’t a new concept –states and localities have been muddling through this topic for years. Reed Group has blogged about it many times over the last few years.  Since San Francisco broke ground in 2006 … Continued

Massachusetts Updates Its Parental Leave Law

By: Megan Holstein, Esq., Director of Compliance and Jody Handerson, Reed Group Editorial Staff Good news for moms AND dads in Massachusetts! On January 7th, the Governor signed House Bill 865, amending the Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act (Massachusetts Parental Leave Act (MA PLA)). The amendments make the law gender neutral, entitling both male and female … Continued