We had a great response to the holiday FMLA blog post. Apparently, we have some very creative readers! Thanks for reading and for participating. Here are the top three responses, as well as our recommendation:

  1. North Pole, Inc. prevails and Santa is forced to accept a downgraded job in the toyshop. However, NPI board members are reconsidering after receiving only lumps of coal in their Christmas stockings.
  2. Since Santa’s FMLA leave started on the 20th and North Pole, Inc. notified him of the intent not to reinstate unless he returned on or before the 24th, the company failed to provide a reasonable time for Santa to return to work, given the circumstances of his injury. I think Santa will win his lawsuit.
  3. The North Pole Company lays off the striking elves and terminates the reindeer for job abandonment. Santa’s position is officially eliminated and holiday toy delivery is outsourced to Amazon.

Santa hatReed Group recommends: Never underestimate the power of a conversation with your employee(s). As it turns out Mrs. Claus has a very similar position and compensation package with North Pole, Inc. In fact, she has accompanied Santa several times on Christmas Eve, has certified chimney experience and is willing to fill in on a temporary basis. This means that North Pole, Inc. may not be able to prove “substantial and grievous economic injury” in reinstating Santa after his FMLA leave is complete, as opposed to replacing him with say…Batman or Super Mario (who had both expressed interest in the position). Luckily both parties agreed to arbitration and the situation was resolved; Santa completed his recovery and was reinstated, and all the children received their holiday deliveries. The reindeer were able to get their deposit back for the chartered jet and the elves are back at work…with the exception of Jingle.