What I did on my FMLA vacation – oops!

Social media flubs aren’t limited to youthful indiscretions. We’ve seen our fair share of employees forgetting that what happens on Facebook definitely does not stay on Facebook – and this week’s case is no different. In Jones v. Gulf Coast Health Care, the employee, Rodney Jones, worked for Accentia Health in Tampa, Florida as an … Continued

When Working is the Last Thing You Want Your Employee to be Doing

What is your employee really doing on his lunch break? This time, we aren’t worried about an employee engaging in some sort of nefarious misconduct. Instead, our bigger concern is that your employee might be doing something even more dastardly…getting some work done! Are you aware that your employee is working through lunch? Even more … Continued

Playing Defense for Unplanned Absence

Here in Colorado, there are a few things we take very seriously, among them are sunshine, fresh powder, micro-brews and Broncos football. Not surprisingly, the Reed Group headquarters in Westminster is currently a sea of orange and blue. In preparation for Super Bowl Sunday we are sporting our Broncos t-shirts and hoodies, Manning jerseys, streamers, … Continued