Morbid Obesity and the ADA

Those of you who have attended Reed Group’s prior Quarterly Compliance Webinars may recall a previous discussion of whether or not morbid obesity is considered a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Today, we consider a case where a federal court in the Ninth Circuit is taking a different tack from the Equal … Continued

‘One Size Fits All’ PTO Doesn’t Always Fit

Many employers offer a ‘one size fits all’ bucket of paid time off (PTO) that employees can use for a variety of reasons, including vacation, sick time, and personal holidays. While this type of PTO policy can seem like a generous, easy-to-manage approach, it isn’t without its pitfalls. On January 30, 2017, a Washington state … Continued

Another Employer Win: Employee Participation Is Necessary

Employer leave policies and procedures, and court decisions regarding them and their interplay with state and federal leave laws, are a frequent ReedGroup blog topic. Recently, such as the case we reported on earlier this month, ReedGroup has seen a trend in cases in which the employer prevails, thanks partly to timely notifications that detail … Continued