Part 1 Medical Cost Savings: How Disability Management Impacts Medical Costs and Employee Productivity

Research has shown strong relationships between employee health and productivity, and companies are increasingly turning to wellness programs to improve employee health in an effort to become more competitive. However, with an aging U.S. workforce, employees retiring later, and a high prevalence of chronic diseases, wellness programs alone are not a complete solution for health … Continued

Sick Leave Updates at the Local Level

Spring brings with it several developments in sick leave laws as Georgia and Arizona pass new legislation, plus Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Cook County get in the mix with new proposed regulations interpreting their sick leave laws: On May 8, the Governor of Georgia signed a new Georgia Kin Care law, Senate Bill 201.  The … Continued

Vermont Passes Bill to Require Accommodations for Pregnant Employees

On May 4, the Governor of Vermont signed into law Vermont House Bill 136, a bill requiring employers to provide accommodations for individuals suffering from pregnancy–related conditions. The effective date is January 1, 2018. While the law does not specifically provide a leave of absence, it does require an employer to provide reasonable accommodations. Employers … Continued