Lori Welty to Co-present at DMEC’s 2017 Tools & Tactics Webinar

2017 Tools & Tactics Webinar The 3 C’s of Leave Management: Part Two — Your Questions Answered Thursday, September 21 at 12:00 pm ET By popular demand, Lori Welty, Compliance Attorney for ReedGroup, will co-present a follow-up discussion to the March 2017 webinar presentation, The 3 C’s of Leave Management: Consistency, Communication, Compliance. In Part Two, Lori and a panel representing various functional areas of expertise, including … Continued

Marijuana Use: A Serious Health Condition?

With many states passing laws protecting medical and recreational use of marijuana, employers are often left in the dark when determining whether to take employment action against an employee who may qualify for job protection. ReedGroup’s compliance team reported on these legislative changes and their impact to employee leave and disability in our white paper, … Continued

Caring for Those Impacted by Natural Disasters

Just as people are recovering from Hurricane Harvey, including our colleagues in ReedGroup’s Woodlands, Texas, office, our Texas clients, and their employees, ReedGroup is preparing for Hurricane Irma and her aftermath. ReedGroup’s Orlando office will close this afternoon as we monitor Hurricane Irma’s path, and ReedGroup’s clients will again be serviced by our other locations … Continued