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What is Absence Management?

What is absence management? Absence management, also referred to as leave management, is a broad term used to describe an employer’s approach to management and tracking of employee absence during working hours.

As a concept, absence management sounds deceptively simple; in practice, it’s inherently complex. Most employers establish their own policies, procedures and programs that are intended to minimize employee absences, avoid disruption within the workforce, and maximize employee productivity. At the same time, employers must comply with the myriad of federal and state leave, disability, and accommodation laws intended to establish and enforce employee rights and responsibilities.


Typically the responsibility of an organization’s human resources function, absence management is successful when it balances the needs of its employees with the needs of the business. Employers who manage absence well foster a supportive environment for their employees while simultaneously curbing excessive absenteeism, enforcing employer policies and procedures, and remaining compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. Returning employees to work at the right time is another element of a good absence management strategy which supports optimal productivity, as well as employee satisfaction.

What happens when employers don’t manage absence competently? Poor absence management can cost employers dearly–in money, organizational effectiveness, and employee turnover. Failure to comply with laws governing leave of absence and accommodation, including the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), can result in stiff fines as well as the cost of legal action. Dissatisfied employees and workforce disruptions can hurt organizations in other ways.

What is the Absence Management University?

ReedGroup’s Absence Management University is designed to educate anyone with an interest in absence management. Below, you’ll find an assortment of sections within our university, divided by leave type, each providing a breadth information including laws, regulations, background, and more!


In each section you will find links to resources like webinar recordings, which offer deep dives into each topic led by compliance experts, and to our most recent blog posts, all of which have been strategically organized to help you efficiently learn more. With these tools, our goal is to help you gain a basic understanding of what to be aware of when managing employee absence.