EEOC Updates Technical Assistance for COVID-19 Guidance…Can’t make this stuff up

The pandemic is still with us, so the EEOC has updated their technical assistance to COVID-19…again. The EEOC has actually provided two updates since our October blog, “Here We Go Again…Again! EEOC Updates”, which was the riveting sequel to our June blog “EEOC Updates Technical Assistance for COVID-19 Guidance.” Since it is the most wonderful … Continued

Here We Go Again….Again! – EEOC Updates Technical Assistance for COVID-19 Guidance

You may be asking “Wait, did ReedGroup accidentally re-print an old blog?” Nope, but you are welcome to re-read our “EEOC Updates Technical Assistance for COVID-19 Guidance” from June. Our friendly neighborhood compliance pals at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) continue to provide solid reading materials when navigating COVID-19 in the workplace. The … Continued

What California and Illinois Have in Common – Employers Will Want to Know

Some interesting trivia about California and Illinois: It is 22% more expensive to live in California than Illinois. California was the birthplace of the internet, but Illinois was the birthplace of McDonald’s. What do they have in common? Well, they each just had some changes to leave law legislation that employers should know about. California … Continued

Paid Leave Checkup: To Pay or Not to Pay, That Is the Question!

In the ever-changing landscape of mandated paid leave, required minimum wage increases, what is federal leave versus what is state leave, comparing U.S. benefits with international offerings, and the moving target of managing a workforce during a national pandemic…. if you don’t have questions, you likely don’t work in HR. Absence management is a complex … Continued