‘One Size Fits All’ PTO Doesn’t Always Fit

Many employers offer a ‘one size fits all’ bucket of paid time off (PTO) that employees can use for a variety of reasons, including vacation, sick time, and personal holidays. While this type of PTO policy can seem like a generous, easy-to-manage approach, it isn’t without its pitfalls. On January 30, 2017, a Washington state … Continued

Another Employer Win: Employee Participation Is Necessary

Employer leave policies and procedures, and court decisions regarding them and their interplay with state and federal leave laws, are a frequent ReedGroup blog topic. Recently, such as the case we reported on earlier this month, ReedGroup has seen a trend in cases in which the employer prevails, thanks partly to timely notifications that detail … Continued

How to Calculate FMLA During the Holidays

Are you up to speed on how to calculate Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) entitlement during the holiday season? FMLA usage and holiday pay are determined based on several factors, including: U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) FMLA regulations and provisions; your employer’s policies; whether your company is open for business on holidays; and whether … Continued

ADA Leave Isn’t Always the Answer

We know that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) can be tricky to navigate for employers. And as the recent court case of Dawson v. Akal Security, Inc., shows, it’s easy to make missteps that result in denying an employee’s right to the interactive process, even if that isn’t the intention. Larry Dawson was employed … Continued

Voting Leave Law Analyses Now on LeaveAdvisor

Election Day is right around the corner! Do you know if you’re located in a state that requires employers to grant their employees time off to vote? Find out with ReedGroup’s LeaveAdvisor, which includes analyses of voting leave laws for all 32 states that have them. With LeaveAdvisor, you can stay up to date on … Continued