Morbid Obesity and the ADA

Those of you who have attended Reed Group’s prior Quarterly Compliance Webinars may recall a previous discussion of whether or not morbid obesity is considered a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Today, we consider a case where a federal court in the Ninth Circuit is taking a different tack from the Equal … Continued

Stay Out of Hot Water Managing Leaves and Accommodations

Employers face many compliance issues when it comes to managing employee leaves and accommodations. Colorado’s new pregnancy accommodation law and the EEOC’s recent guidance on employer-provided ADA leave as an accommodation have made these decisions even more difficult for HR professionals, leave and accommodations managers, compliance officers, and business leaders. Learn how to avoid costly … Continued

The EEOC Speaks to Doctors

This week the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued a publication addressing the mental health provider’s role in a person’s request for an ADA workplace accommodation. It’s not typical for the EEOC, the agency that enforces the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), or the Department of Labor (DOL), the agency that enforces the Family and … Continued

ADA Leave Isn’t Always the Answer

We know that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) can be tricky to navigate for employers. And as the recent court case of Dawson v. Akal Security, Inc., shows, it’s easy to make missteps that result in denying an employee’s right to the interactive process, even if that isn’t the intention. Larry Dawson was employed … Continued

Voting Leave Law Analyses Now on LeaveAdvisor

Election Day is right around the corner! Do you know if you’re located in a state that requires employers to grant their employees time off to vote? Find out with ReedGroup’s LeaveAdvisor, which includes analyses of voting leave laws for all 32 states that have them. With LeaveAdvisor, you can stay up to date on … Continued

When in Doubt, Follow the Interactive Process

Every now and then a case comes along that is just too obvious, much like the case of EEOC v. OK Concrete, for which a consent decree was announced yesterday by the EEOC.  Just in case there are employers out there who haven’t caught on to this nuance of the Disabilities Act (ADA) yet, we’ll … Continued

An Informal Chat with EEOC Commissioners Feldblum and Lipnic

Some people get excited about backstage passes to a concert. At Reed Group, the opportunity to meet and discuss leave issues with EEOC commissioners gets our engines running.  This week, I had the good fortune to meet with Commissioners Feldblum and Lipnic of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), as part of an informal discussion … Continued

Calling All ADA Superstars…and the Answers Are

1.  We have a “no pets” policy at my workplace. This means we are exempt from hiring or accommodating disabled persons who use service animals. False. There are circumstances where an employer may not accommodate a service animal in the workplace, such as hospital operating rooms or burn units, but a general “no pets” policy … Continued