ReedGroup’s Greatest Compliance Hits of 2017

ReedGroup’s compliance attorneys presented leave of absence highlights from 2017 at the final Disability Management Employer Coalition’s (DMEC) Colorado chapter meeting on Thursday, December 7th. The presentation focused on an annual wrap-up of the legislative changes, notable cases, and agency action related to leave of absence and disability. 2017 proved to be fruitful for legislators, … Continued

ReedGroup Quarterly Absence and Disability Compliance Webinar

Wednesday, November 29, 201710-11 am (Denver) MT Join ReedGroup’s Compliance Team for its complimentary quarterly absence, disability, and accommodation webinar. This quick and informational session will ensure you are up to date on the latest developments in laws, regulations, and cases affecting employers across the nation. Learn about: The latest on the status of the … Continued

Dueling Paid Sick Leave Laws Enter the Federal Legislative Fray

It’s no secret that mandatory employer-provided paid sick leave has become a hot button issue in the landscape of the American economy. From Berkeley to New York City, from Washington State to Connecticut, cities, counties, and states have taken matters into their own hands, instituting a patchwork of ordinances and laws requiring employers to provide … Continued

Hawaii Adds Sibling Coverage to its Family Leave Law

On July 10, the Governor of Hawaii signed House Bill 213, which expands the existing Hawaii Family Leave Law. The new law, effective immediately, adds siblings to the list of covered family members with a serious health condition for whom an employee may take leave to provide care. No other substantive changes were made to … Continued

Sick Leave Updates at the Local Level

Spring brings with it several developments in sick leave laws as Georgia and Arizona pass new legislation, plus Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Cook County get in the mix with new proposed regulations interpreting their sick leave laws: On May 8, the Governor of Georgia signed a new Georgia Kin Care law, Senate Bill 201.  The … Continued

Maryland and Indiana Take Steps Toward Paid Leave Laws

Consistent with the recent trend we’ve observed of providing employees with paid leave to care for themselves or family members, two more states have leave laws on the verge of enactment. The bills, which await their respective Governor’s signature, demonstrate how different states pursue this path with varying types of mandatory paid leave programs. The … Continued

‘One Size Fits All’ PTO Doesn’t Always Fit

Many employers offer a ‘one size fits all’ bucket of paid time off (PTO) that employees can use for a variety of reasons, including vacation, sick time, and personal holidays. While this type of PTO policy can seem like a generous, easy-to-manage approach, it isn’t without its pitfalls. On January 30, 2017, a Washington state … Continued

Illinois Amends the Employee Sick Leave Act

On January 13, the Governor of Illinois signed an amendment to the Illinois Employee Sick Leave Act (IL ESLA), a “kin care” type law that allows employees to use personal sick leave benefits to care for certain family members.   The amendment goes into effect immediately. The key changes to the law are as follows: Changes … Continued

Paid Sick Leave at the Polls

Leave of absence made its appearance in the 2016 election with two states passing paid sick leave measures, Arizona and Washington.  Arizona’s law is effective July 1, 2017 and Washington’s law is effective January 1, 2018. These two states’ paid sick leave laws now join 5 other states that require employers to offer paid time … Continued