MDGuidelines Named One of Best Symptom Search Engines

We’re pleased to announce that, a network and directory, recently listed MDGuidelines first in their list of “50 Best Search Engines for Your Symptoms.” Writer Jill Gordon introduced the list by saying: “A number of reputable doctors have begun to offer versions of their services online. Here are some of the best symptom search … Continued

Workplace Injury of the Week: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Is your company (or are you, personally) experiencing disability leaves because of carpal tunnel syndrome? You’re not alone. It’s one of the most common workplace disability conditions. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a condition in which thickened tendons or ligaments in the wrist compress the median nerve that runs from the forearm to the hand. … Continued

Join us at DMEC!

Reed Group will be exhibiting at the DMEC (Disability Management Employer Coalition) conference in Portland, Oregon, July 19-22.  Stop by our booth (#102) and get a demo of and our exciting new Predictive Modeling Tool, which will allow much more accurate prediction of disability return-to-work durations and potentially save employers millions of dollars. I … Continued

Is Return To Work the Best Measure of Healthcare Outcomes?

As a relative newcomer to the field of occupational medicine, I’ve become fascinated with the significance of return to work from an illness or injury. When an employee returns to work, especially on a timely basis, most observers would agree that this constitutes a “good outcome.” But that raises a question: what other broadly applicable … Continued

If Docs Had More Time, They’d Ask About Patients’ Work

Today’s New York Times ran an excellent article by Julie Weed titled If All Doctors Had More Time to Listen.  The article puts forth substantive evidence that giving physicians enough time to spend with patients saves healthcare costs in the long run by emphasizing preventive care that cuts emergency room visits and by reducing diagnosis/treatment … Continued