Employees Can Now File Claims for Connecticut Paid Leave

Connecticut Paid Leave (CTPL) benefits become payable in the new year and, as of 12/1/2021, employees can submit claims for any leave that starts in January 2022 or later. Employers should be prepared to:

  • Notify workers who request leave starting in January 2022 or later that they may be eligible for CTPL.
  • Direct employees to the CTPL website for more information and claim submission.
  • Complete Employment Verification Forms that are required as part of the claims process, and submit to Aflac.

For more information about CTPL, refer to our previous blog posts here, here, and here, or visit the CTPL website, which offers a plethora of helpful information including Employer and HR Toolkits, a Fact Sheet, and FAQs.

As paid family and medical leave is enacted by more states, the increasing complexity of the leave of absence landscape can seem overwhelming. If you need assistance, consider outsourcing some or all of your employees’ leave management to ReedGroup, or choose our software-as-a-service (SaaS) to better manage absence in-house. Contact us to get started.


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