Helping Large Employers to Tackle COVID-Related Disability, Absence

COVID-19 has raised new concerns for employers who must balance operational necessity with employee safety while also ensuring compliance with complex regulations. In response, ReedGroup has released a new Public Health solution that helps to address and manage pandemic-related workforce absences, exemptions, and accommodations. 

Large employers can adapt to these evolving workforce needs with ReedGroup’s accommodation management services, which include: 

  • Expanded ADA leave services that cover accommodations for employees who can’t return to the workplace because they are medically unable to receive a COVID-19 vaccine 
  • Administering staff requests for accommodations related to public health issues, such as working from home to avoid exposure in order to protect the health of someone at home, 
  • Managing employees’ requests for religious exemptions from vaccine requirements, 
  • Detailed, anonymized reporting that provides insights that allow employers to plan for future absences, and help employers understand their workforce and make informed decisions about the pandemic and its impact on staffing. 

Early next year, ReedGroup will offer vaccine and test tracking so employers can digitally and securely verify employees’ vaccine or test status.  

Regardless of an organization’s philosophy and approach to COVID vaccination, ReedGroup can support absence management needs. This not only takes the complex tasks around accommodations and exemptions off employers’ plates, but also helps to minimize their compliance risk.