The partner you can trust.
The expertise clients value.

ReedGroup is the company your clients can trust to make their employees happy and their workforce more productive.

Absence management is
all we do, and we’ve been doing
it for over 40 years.

We are the answer when employers are overloaded and the relief when there are too many regulations and administrative tasks to track.

We help your clients excel at their job by monitoring changing laws and regulations, and accurately managing the administration tasks of leave management.

We are here for you, your clients, and their workforce.

We come to work every day to take care of compliance and administrative tasks and empower your clients to do more for their company and their employees.

If your client is considering outsourcing their leave management process, read more here.

If your client is interested in purchasing software to manage leaves and absences in-house, read about ReedGroup’s LeavePro® software.

If your client isn’t sure they want to fully outsource, learn about co-sourcing.