We’re pleased to join Integritas, Inc., provider of electronic health records (EHR) software for urgent care and occupational medicine, in announcing that Integritas Agility EHR® 10 is now available with Reed Group’s MDGuidelines return-to-work reference toolset.

Agility EHR® 10 is a CCHIT Certified® 2011 Ambulatory EMR. The product offers super-fast charting, making it ideally suited for high-volume provider clinics offering occupational medicine and/or urgent care services. Agility EHR is also fast gaining acceptance among large health care systems that have realized the need for a certified EMR for employee health that is separate from their inpatient or ambulatory EMR.

With more than 1300 medical topics, Reed Group’s MDGuidelines is the leading return-to-work (RTW) reference toolset for occupational health. MDGuidelines includes evidence-based, physician-reviewed RTW duration guidelines, a powerful predictive modeling tool that enables case managers to tailor guidelines to individual employees, medical monographs suitable for educating employees, and ACOEM workers compensation treatment guidelines by (American College of Occupational and Environmental

“Reed Group’s MDGuidelines toolset is the established gold standard for occupational health,” says Integritas President Mary Stroupe. “Agility EHR customers can now take advantage of fast and simple-to-use guidance to help return injured and ill employees to productive work.”

“We’re very pleased to know that Integritas’s Agility EHR customers will be offered the convenience of having the MDGuidelines toolset embedded in their workflow,” says Reed Group President, Guidelines, Jon Seymour, M.D. “We look forward to helping all stakeholders in occupational health care improve return-to-work outcomes.”