June 3, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

I am personally outraged and saddened by the killing of George Floyd. With protests and riots in hundreds of North American cities as the result of his tragic death—it feels as though no response is adequate. The communities where we live and work have been profoundly affected.

You have heard from Deanna and Andrew and our fellow colleagues in meetings, on Yammer, and in private calls, about the fear and grief that they’re feeling right now. With a country still on edge as we begin to emerge from our homes during a pandemic that is clearly not over yet, the toll of racial injustice is painful. Civic leaders across North America are encouraging citizens to stand together in peaceful protest, not only against this crime, but as a way of healing the divisions that ignited this violence.

As we grapple with questions about what systemic changes must come next, one thing we can all do is remember that we are stronger together. I find comfort in Coretta Scott King’s words: “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

ReedGroup is also a community, part of a larger Guardian community, and we need each other. Connecting with your colleagues and having meaningful conversations is more important now than ever. Have compassion, not only for each other, but for yourself. 2020 has given us all – especially our colleagues in the Black and Brown communities – unprecedented burdens to bear, and it is only June.

I am thinking of all of you, and of your families.