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Judging by which installments of our blog were read most often, the biggest absence management topic of 2021 was (no surprise here) – COVID-19. COVID-19 legislation or regulation that affected how employers manage leaves of absence was the subject of 4 of our 5 most-read blog posts in 2021. The fifth, sitting in the #4 spot, was a post focused on ADA compliance, a perennially-confusing topic for many employers.  

Here are the five most-read posts on ReedGroup’s blog in 2021: 

  1. D.C. Extends Public Health Emergency and COVID-19 Leave – May 27, 2021     
  2. New Hampshire Passes Paid Family Leave – What Employers Need to Know Now – July 9, 2021 
  3. American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Becomes Law: What Does it Mean for FFCRA? – March 19, 2021  
  4. What is Everyone in Absence Management Talking About This Week? That ADA Case.  – July 30, 2021  
  5. Vaccine Mandates, Exemptions, and Testing: OSHA’s ETS, and What Employers Need to Know – November 11, 2021  


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