Using only the highest quality evidence-based practice guidelines ensures that patients return to normal activities as quickly and safely as possible. Most people don’t know what goes into the types of research, medical standards and review processes utilized in creating guidelines. But this is worth caring about–because when you rely on a guideline that cuts corners, you’re putting patients at risk.

Protect the health of the American worker. Learn what actually goes into making the gold standard in evidence-based practice guidelines by watching this quick animated video.


From the initial questions formulated by our team of medical experts, all the way to the published guidelines, every detail is carefully considered and analyzed. Our university based research team conducts extensive literature reviews, which are then assessed and graded to determine if a study is reliable. From this evidence, our team drafts the clinical recommendations, which then go before an internal multidisciplinary panel of medical experts. Upon approval, the guideline is submitted for external peer review and stakeholder input. This rigorous process can take up to 12 months for updating an existing guideline, and up to 18 months to develop a new one. You’ll find a deeper description of this extensive procedure in our new and thoroughly entertaining animated video, Anatomy of an Evidence-Based Guideline.

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