Expanded functionality for American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) subscribers for treatment and for utilization review, new links to State Treatment Guidelines for all users

Reed Group, publisher of the industry’s leading return-to-work (RTW) reference toolset, MDGuidelines™, announced today the release of two ICD-9-CM to CPT code crosswalks. These are available for those who access either the ACOEM 3rd edition treatment guidelines or the California treatment guidelines (MTUS). Each crosswalk allows users to quickly determine the relevant treatments and treatment recommendations for specific diagnoses. This ability is a great aid for utilization review, along with other disability management tasks.

Previous to this release, MDGuidelines™, which provides single portal access to return-to-work, treatment, and utilization review information, has been annually increasing the number of state guidelines that it hosts, providing search and other navigation for this information. Both the New York and the Louisiana guidelines are part of this portal, and each has its own ICD-CPT crosswalk. To round out the suite of tools, MDGuidelines is now providing similar crosswalks to the ACOEM and state of California guidelines.

The ACOEM and state-specific treatment guidelines contain medication and opioid recommendations with supporting evidence, which are valuable tools to aid in combatting the nation’s opioid epidemic.  ACOEM is soon to release a formulary tool which ties NDC drug codes to the guidelines.

In addition to new crosswalks, MDGuidelines™ provides access to 17 different state treatment guidelines. MDGuidelines™ continues to endeavor to be the single portal for access to treatment and disability duration guidelines, providing efficiency and accuracy to all stakeholder populations.

For more information or access to these features, call Reed Group at 1.800.442.4519 or visit us at www.mdguidelines.com. To learn about other Reed Group products and services please visit www.reedgroup.com.