Absence Management Academy - A Deep Dive Into ADA

Compliance Webinar: (December 7, 2022) Absence Management Academy: A Deep Dive Into ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides important protections for individuals with disabilities. However, it isn’t always easy for employers to determine when those protections apply to the workplace especially when evaluating the request for an accommodation. Employers are faced with an even bigger challenge as they evaluate the request for leave as an accommodation and navigate accommodations in a remote work environment.

The fifth of our five-part series on absence management fundamentals, A Deep Dive in ADA, addresses the following areas:

  • The Basics – A deep dive on the fundamentals of the ADA law
  • The Process – Understanding how to recognize, address, and respond to an ADA accommodation request
  • Test Your Knowledge – A practical review of common errors and confusing scenarios that come up when administering the ADA

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