Absence Management University

Compliance Webinar: (February 14, 2023) Absence Management University: A Large Employer’s Guide to FMLA

While the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 turns 30 this year, many employers are still struggling to understand the law and how to apply it. The basics aren’t so basic, especially as organizations must coordinate multiple leave programs. In fact, employers are reporting it’s harder than ever to approve leaves and coordinate leave types. And big organizations have big challenges remaining consistent across multiple states and/or units. Watch our session on what you need to know about FMLA.

This is the first of our five-part series on absence management fundamentals for large employers.

Our speakers address:

  • The Basics – Our expert recommendations for what a large organization should be doing when managing intermittent leaves, coordinating leave types, and eligibility
  • Roles and Responsibilities – Requirements for employers and employees
  • What’s the Answer? – Interactive questions to help you catch common errors and confusing scenarios



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