New Podcast for Dorland Health/Case in Point

Recently I chatted with Anne Llewellyn, editor in chief of Dorland’s case management products (e.g., Case in Point Magazine), and gave her an update on how professionals can use disability management guidelines to better understand the time and treatment needed to treat complex conditions. You can listen to a podcast of our conversation on the … Continued

Chronic Pain and Return to Work

The August/September issue of Case in Point Magazine ran an excellent article by Mary Harris on how to identify and manage the variables of chronic pain in return-to-work situations. In her article, Ms. Harris talks about the role that fear, depression and anxiety often play in making it harder for employees with chronic pain to … Continued

doctor looking at patients xray

If Docs Had More Time, They’d Ask About Patients’ Work

Today’s New York Times ran an excellent article by Julie Weed titled If All Doctors Had More Time to Listen.  The article puts forth substantive evidence that giving physicians enough time to spend with patients saves healthcare costs in the long run by emphasizing preventive care that cuts emergency room visits and by reducing diagnosis/treatment … Continued