Air boot on ankle

Workplace Injury of the Week: Ankle Fracture

Ankle fractures–whether they happen when Joe slips on the loading dock or when Jody takes a bad step in the Saturday 1k running race–are a common injury that causes absence from work. Our MDGuidelines brief on ankle fractures has helpful information for individuals, medical professionals and return-to-work case managers. Here are some of the major … Continued

Want Healthier Workers? Help Them Stand and Walk

A simple thing employers can do to help desk-bound employees with chronic back pain and perhaps even to reduce obesity levels among employees may be as simple as a change of office furniture. Replacing the standard sitting desk with higher and height-adjustable desks that allow employees to comfortably stand while they work may offer substantial … Continued

Wrist in a cast

Workplace Injury of the Week: Wrist Fracture

A fracture of the distal radius or ulna (wrist fracture) is a break in one or two bones of the distal forearm near where they form part of the wrist joint. The radius is the bone located on the thumb side of the forearm, and the ulna is the bone located on the side of … Continued

Clinical Guidelines & the Ethics of Comparative Effectiveness

In today’s post to his always-excellent blog Managed Care Matters, Joe Paduda writes about the ethics of clinical guidelines and the dilemma of comparative effectiveness. He rightly says that… “If we are to solve the access and cost problem, payers, providers, and patients must be comfortable with the decision process and methodology.” And he goes … Continued

ACOEM logo

Reed Group and ACOEM Renew & Extend Partnership

All of us at Reed Group are very pleased to announce that we have renewed and extended our partnership with The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM), the leading medical professional society in occupational health. ACOEM’s Practice Guidelines Internet platform (APG-I) will be offered along with our return-to-work durations guidelines on our … Continued

New Podcast for Dorland Health/Case in Point

Recently I chatted with Anne Llewellyn, editor in chief of Dorland’s case management products (e.g., Case in Point Magazine), and gave her an update on how professionals can use disability management guidelines to better understand the time and treatment needed to treat complex conditions. You can listen to a podcast of our conversation on the … Continued

Attending AAMC? Stop by our booth.

Are you attending the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) 2009 Annual Meeting in Boston next week (Nov 6-11)? Stop by Reed Group’s booth (#605) and say hi. We’ll be happy to give you a demo of MDGuidelines, our extensive database of return-to-work durations and treatment plans for disability, workers’ compensation and other medically-related work … Continued

Workplace Absence of the Week: H1N1 Flu

With huge potential to cause workplace absences, H1N1 influenza is top of mind for most companies. Influenza is an acute respiratory infection caused by one of three types of influenza viruses in the Orthomyoxoviridae family of viruses, which evolved from the combination of genes from human, pig, and bird flu. This strain has not been … Continued

Do Your Return-to-Work Durations “Measure Up”?

With millions of dollars at stake, employers, insurers and third-party administrators carefully track return-to-work durations (the length of time employees are absent due to short-term disability, long-term disability, workers’ compensation and FMLA). But simply tracking those numbers isn’t enough. How can your organization use its data to know whether you’re doing all you can to … Continued