Exercise & Anxiety, Research Brief

We are kicking off a new series to present our own research and the work of other leading scientists in the field in Research Briefs. Each quarter we will dive into a different topic. Here at MDGuidelines we know that research is key to fine tuning care for patients and clients so they can return to their regular lives quickly and safely.

MDGuidelines Launches Duration Analyzer™

MDGuidelines®, the leading evidence-based guidelines for disability and workers’ compensation, today released the MDGuidelines Duration Analyzer™, a new tool for benchmarking claims performance. View the press release here.

MDGuidelines Webinar: New Trends in PTSD Treatment and Recovery

MDGuidelines Webinar: (December 10, 2020) New Trends in PTSD Treatment and Recovery: Our expert panelists answered questions about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatment, patient care, and returning to work options. This occupational health conversation explored the latest treatment research and how to overcome barriers to help PTSD patients return to their regular activities. Panelists: Katherine Cunningham, … Continued

Nurse helping man in wheelchair during a pandemic

Allies in Patient Care

2020 has presented the world with a novel assortment of pandemic-related health care pain points. Many patients avoided or were unable to receive treatment for non-COVID health issues due to fear of infection. Front-line health care providers, including allied health professionals, worked harder than ever amidst life-threatening medical supply shortages, while family members struggled to … Continued

Mental Health

Good Mental Health: Who Needs It?

A Personal Story During the fall of 1999, I often found myself wide awake in the middle of the night. Try as I might, I could not get to sleep. My husband couldn’t understand what was wrong with me. Why was I crying so much? Why wasn’t I interested in the things that used to … Continued

student raising hand in classroom during a pandemic

COVID-19: A Pandemic of Teachable Moments

COVID-19 has taken us all on a crash course in infection control and personal planning considerations that range from learning how to thrive amidst an invisible threat to practicing greater compassion for each other. The curriculum this fall includes a mandatory new course requirement, in which earning a passing grade is a must. The subject? … Continued

Chicken or the Egg? Understanding the Relationship Between Depression and Injury or Illness Work Leaves

Do work leaves cause depression or does depression cause work leaves? We teamed up with researchers at The Standard, The Council for Disability Awareness, and The University of California, Davis to try and shine some light on this question. Using an integrated database of medical and disability claims with more than 496,000 short-term disability cases,1 … Continued