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Constantly changing leave laws make staying compliant increasingly complex and overwhelming for organizations. It not only poses a huge burden on time and resources, compliance mistakes can cost organizations thousands of dollars. If you’re feeling like it’s hard to keep up with compliance, you’re certainly not alone.  A 2016 DMEC Leave Management Survey found that 22 percent of employers find it extremely difficult to keep up with the changing leave legislation and 37 percent feel their ADA programs are not fully compliant. Take a look at the number of recent changes and it is no wonder keeping on top of them feels daunting:

  • 215 leave laws were introduced at the state and federal level in 2017.
  • 45 Paid Family Leave bills were introduced at the state level in 2017 and 3 at the federal level.*

With that many changes taking place at rapid speed, mistakes are bound to happen. And the average cost of losing an FMLA litigation is over $335,000.**  

Recognizing the pressures of keeping up with compliance, companies of 10,000 or more employees are increasingly turning to outsourcing Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) administration to ReedGroup. Our compliance department has years of employment law and absence regulations expertise and they help you determine which leave laws apply to your workforce while also monitoring changes in laws and regulations that affect leave management for U.S. and Canada-based workforces. ReedGroup actively tracks all proposed and pending legislation and works with our operations and product development teams to incorporate new leave requirements into our software and leave administration.

If you’re ready to outsource, it’s important to choose the right partner.

ReedGroup is the largest, exclusive provider of absence management services and it is all we do. For more than 40 years, we’ve expertly managed claims for companies that self-fund their FMLA, customized leaves, Short-Term Disability (STD) and Long-Term Disability (LTD) needs.

The top five things to think about when you’re considering outsourcing your FMLA administration:

  1. ReedGroup can manage the entire leave of absence process for a company of 10,000 or more employees– accurately and with timely determinations.
  2. We are experts in FMLA, STD and LTD claims, custom leaves, and we also offer expertise from clinicians for ADA accommodations.
  3. Partnering with us means employers spend less time tracking leaves and compliance legislation and more time increasing productivity.
  4. ReedGroup’s compliance team issues leadership communications that inform our clients of the most current issues and solutions through white papers, blogs and webinars.
  5. We’ve managed millions of leaves – from simple to complex – treating employees with respect, care and compassion. We can customize your leave program—even for companies with complex and varied plan structures.

With ReedGroup as your partner, you can rest assured that the details of leave management are covered and the most complex laws and regulations have been applied. We handle the entire leave of absence continuum so you can handle all the other important parts of your job. It’s a win-win for your employees, for you, and for the productivity of your company.

We create extraordinary experiences for our clients so they can excel at their jobs and better serve their employees. We support thriving and skilled workforces by helping employees return to work. And clients see us as a trusted extension of their team as we treat employees with respect, compassion and expertise.

When you outsource your FMLA solutions to ReedGroup, we ensure a seamless employee experience as we reduce your HR managers’ administrative burden. Employees appreciate our personalized experience, employers find their stress lowered and leave management workload reduced, and productivity goes up across the organization.

*ReedGroup LeaveAdvisor, June 2018
** DMEC, August 2014

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