Absence Management Academy webinar

Every employer is familiar with the most common types of leaves, such as short-term disability, FMLA leave, ADA leave, or PFML. But how do you successfully administer less common leaves, like USERRA, bone marrow/organ donation leave, or school-related parental leave? It isn’t always easy for employers to manage leaves that may only come up occasionally.

View the final installment of our four-part series on absence management fundamentals in 2021. Our speakers addressed the following:

  • The Basics – An overview of what every employer should know about military leaves under USERRA and the landscape of other uncommon leaves
  • The Process – Understanding how to recognize, address, and respond to leave requests for military service and other less common reasons
  • Test Your Knowledge – A practical review of common errors and confusing scenarios that come up when administering USERRA and other leaves

View on-demand replay.

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