Connecticut FMLA and Oregon PFML Update

Both Connecticut and Oregon have been busy working on rules and regulations related to their respective state leave laws. The Connecticut Department of Labor (CT DOL) published proposed regulations for its recently expanded Family and Medical Leave Act (CT FMLA), which became effective January 1, 2022. On the other side of the continent, the Oregon Employment Department (OED) adopted a batch of permanent rules related to its Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance (OR PFMLI) program, for which employer and employee contributions start next year.


ReedGroup first reported in the summer of 2019 that the CT FMLA was being largely repealed and replaced with an amended version designed to better align with Connecticut Paid Leave (CTPL), for which benefits became payable at the start of this year. Now, nearly 2-1/2 years later, the CT DOL has proposed regulations related to the expansion.

Highlights include, but are not limited to:

  • Updated and clarified definitions
  • Expanded leave reasons and qualifying family members
  • Updated eligibility and covered employer requirements
  • Documentation guidelines for family relationships

The release of the proposed regulations triggered a 30-day comment period which will end on February 28, 2022. A public hearing is scheduled for February 17.


Last summer, we reported that the implementation of the Oregon PFMLI program had been pushed back, with contributions beginning January 1, 2023, and benefits becoming payable September 2023. Despite this delay, the OED has forged on in developing rules related to the program.

The first batch of rules went into effect January 31, 2022, and covers 4 topics:

  • Employee and employer contributions
  • Small employer assistance grants
  • Self-employed individuals electing coverage
  • Outreach plan

For more information on the adopted rules, as well as future rulemaking activity, visit the OED’s rulemaking page. Text of the rules can be found here.

What ReedGroup Is Doing

ReedGroup continues to offer compliant state FML and PFML solutions and has already updated our software and processes to reflect the amended CT FMLA. We will continue to monitor development of OR PFMLI and adjust our program offerings accordingly.

If you’re looking for assistance managing claims or to ensure compliance across your organization, ReedGroup has solutions for you. Check out our offerings here.


Information provided on this blog is intended for general educational use. It is not intended to provide legal advice. ReedGroup does not provide legal services. Consult an attorney for legal advice on this or any other topic.

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