Streamlined Absence ManagementStreamlined Absence Management
The History. ExpressJet has grown to become the largest regional air carrier in the world, with a fleet of over 380 aircraft, serving 193 airports in 40 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, Canada, the Bahamas and Mexico. ExpressJet employs 8,600 employees providing airline customers with over 1,800 daily scheduled departures.

Delivering excellent service in 2015, across such a broad territory, requires a workforce that is not only diverse – pilots, flight attendants, aircraft me-chanics, flight control, customer service, human resources and much more – but also widely dispersed.

The Challenge. ExpressJet came to the table with a twofold absence management challenge; a diverse and mobile employee population coupled with decentralized absence reporting and management. Employees on the move were unable to communicate directly with supervisors regarding leave, sometimes erroneously assuming a leave had been requested or reported. In addition, company leaves were managed in-house while FMLA was managed by an external vendor. As a result, employees were often confused about whom to call when re-questing leave, and communication between stakeholders was challenging, given the number of touch-points in the process. The outcome was a higher incidence of FMLA and company leaves and the unappealing potential for operational disruptions in an industry where timeliness and accuracy are critical to success.

Reed Group met with ExpressJet stakeholders and identified their absence management wish list:

  • Integrated and accurate reporting for company leaves and FMLA
  • Consistent and legally compliant management of all leave policies
  • A one-stop-shop for employee questions, leave requests and eligibility determinations

The Solution. To meet the challenge, ExpressJet chose LeavePro®, Reed Group’s state-of-the-art SaaS application for integrated absence case management. LeavePro is engineered to be the most effective, user-friendly and flexible leave management application available to employers today, empowering customers to engage their employees proactively, drive optimal outcomes throughout case management and channel data into analysis for detailed reporting. Integration across different customer interfaces, business services, work processes and data sources supports a unified infrastructure that enables faster time-to-service and the ability to respond to rapid changes in business requirements. Advanced business rules support automation, efficiencies, eligibility and compliance with federal, state and company regulations. The end result is increased accuracy, reduced costs and improved outcomes.

The Outcome – Streamlined Absence Management. Following discovery and a successful implementation, the ExpressJet FMLA and company leave programs were successfully transitioned into the LeavePro absence management platform. ExpressJet employee data was loaded into LeavePro enabling at-a-glance access for managers and HR to employee leave entitle-ments, hours used and hours remaining. With employee schedules meticulously tracked and continually updat-ed within the system, there were fewer operational issues. Employees are able to report intermittent absence from various locations, without depending on access to a supervisor or HR representative, resolving communication and scheduling logistics issues.

Access to centralized data on a single leave management platform and a defined and uniform process for re-porting and tracking meant that leaves could be administered consistently company-wide. Both employees and ExpressJet management have benefited from the aggregation of data and a shared tracking tool, increasing confidence in the integrity of the leave process.

ExpressJet executive management cites the added protection of defined user roles for LeavePro system access, which protects the privacy of employee medical data. User roles ensure that only the appropriate personnel have access to medical information, safeguarding ExpressJet against compliance violations. The LeavePro com-pliance core further ensures that ExpressJet is up to date with complex state and federal leave regulations. With 8,600 employees spread across the country, compliance was a crucial component of a successful absence management program.

The Feedback. ExpressJet employees have shared that the streamlined absence management is much easier to understand and navigate. ExpressJet’s investment in this absence management tool not only improved business operations, but also demonstrated greater company support for overall employee well-being.

Streamlined Absence Management

The Benefits

  • Integrated intake
  • Consistent case management
  • Timely access to compliance updates
  • Automated notifications
  • Centralized tracking of leave usage
  • Configurable reporting for trend analyses


LeavePro has allowed ExpressJet to efficiently streamline the leave of absence process, which has improved our operation and provided consistent case management and customer service for our employees.
Janette Geiser – ExpressJet, Director Employee Relations, People Resources

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