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DMEC Launches New Chapter in Denver
San Diego, California. April 3, 2012—The Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC) has launched a new chapter in Denver, CO. The chapter is co-sponsored by The Reed Group and Social Security Advocates for the Disabled (SSAD). DMEC is the only national non-profit in the U.S. that provides local chapters to help employers improve workforce productivity by minimizing the impact of absence and disability.

“The Reed Group is extremely pleased to co-sponsor Colorado’s DMEC chapter,” says Kevin Curry, Senior VP Client Services, Reed Group.

“We consider supporting the education and advancement of our local colleagues in the disability and absence fields to be an extension of Dr. Reed’s original vision. We look forward to helping the industry grow into new and innovative areas for the betterment of both employees and industry.”

“SSAD is very pleased to be co-sponsoring the DMEC Colorado chapter,” said Ann Marie Beaudoin, CEO of SSAD.

“SSAD has a sense of shared mission with DMEC and its members. Using training and best practices learned from DMEC, employer disability/absence management programs can play an important role in helping people enter a new phase of life as they learn how to live with a disability—a phase that may include services from SSAD.” DMEC CEO Marcia Carruthers commented, “DMEC has had a historical presence in Denver, with an active chapter here in the past, and two prior annual conferences (2000 and 2008). We know that greater Denver is a vibrant professional community eager for educational and networking opportunities in integrated disability and absence management (IDAM). We will be holding our annual international conference in Denver this year, making it the perfect time to launch this chapter.”

The Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC) is a non-profit organization that advances strategies and resources to improve workforce productivity by minimizing the impact of absence and disability. The primary goal of DMEC is to assist employers in developing cost-saving programs and returning employees to productive employment. Visit for more information about educational publications and events.

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