We are kicking off a new series to present our own research and the work of other leading scientists in the field in Research Briefs. Each quarter we will dive into a different topic. Here at MDGuidelines we know that research is key to fine tuning care for patients and clients so they can return to their regular lives quickly and safely.

This quarter, we are exploring the link between exercise & anxiety. In the ACOEM Clinical Practice Guideline on Anxiety Disorders, an intensive review of high-quality research articles led medical experts to moderately recommend aerobic exercise for the treatment of patients with anxiety disorders to decrease symptoms.


Check out our latest Research Brief on the link between exercise & anxiety

Research Brief


View our Infographic summarizing the findings

Exercise & Anxiety Infographic


Dig into the current science of peer-reviewed research

Physical activity reduces anxiety and regulates brain fatty acid synthesis

By A Liskiewicz, M Przybyła, A Wojakowska, L Marczak, K Bogus et al.

Molecular Brain, 2020

Resistance exercise training among young adults with analogue generalized anxiety disorder

By B Gordon, C McDowell, M Lyons, M Herringabe

Journal of Affective Disorders, 2021

Working out the worries: A randomized controlled trial of high intensity interval training in generalized anxiety disorder

By J Plag, P Schmidt-Hellinger, T Klippstein, J Mumm et al.

Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 2020


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