ReedGroup's top blogs of 2022

Gather around the virtual water cooler with us to see what your colleagues are talking about. ReedGroup’s most popular blog posts in 2022 so far are: 

  • Paid Family & Medical Leave Update A summary of PFML in California, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Washington, plus programs coming up in New Hampshire and Oregon (beginning 2023) and Colorado (beginning 2024). 
  • FMLA Mental Health Guidance Those coping with mental illness often face barriers to care. When employers ensure staff members know about assistance, including FMLA, they foster an inclusive and supportive workplace.  
  • How to Save $18 Million It pays to be fair. Just ask the employer found guilty of sexual harassment and discrimination against mothers and pregnant or lactating women.  
  • Adoption Promotion in the Yellowhammer State A new Alabama law provides 12 weeks of unpaid family leave to eligible employees who welcome a new child to the family by birth or adoption.  
  • Expansive PFML Maryland’s Time to Care Act applies paid family and medical leave on a broader scale than other states. It applies to organizations with 15 or more employees and those who work 680 hours worked in the preceding 12 months, and recognizes extended family members, among other things.  

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