Gavel, Judge

By Megan Holstein, Esq., Director of Compliance

In a recent court ruling, Judge Richard Posner, of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, cited Reed Group’s DisabilityGuidelines™ as a pivotal tool in the decision making process for Kauffman v. Petersen Health Care. The court ruled on behalf of the plaintiff, finding that her employer failed to provide a workplace accommodation following her surgery. Judge Posner offered the following opinion based on DisabilityGuidelines™: “… we note that most doctors recommend not lifting more than 50 pounds ever after the type of surgery she had.”[i] You can read the full text of the ruling here.

Have you checked out Reed Group’s DisabilityGuidelines™? Not only do respected judges, attorneys, and expert witnesses rely on DisabilityGuidelines™ to support employee workplace accommodation needs and return to work best practices, but physicians, insurance companies, workers’ compensation, federal and state agencies, and vocational experts use DisabilityGuidelines™ as the go-to source for evidence-based information and tools to help people return to safe, productive work.

Our Guidelines are based on the world’s deepest database of over two million disability cases, including more than 1,500 medical monographs, which cover approximately 5,000 diagnoses and procedures. The guidelines are the result of rigorous statistical analysis and the up-to-the-minute clinical expertise of leading physicians. DisabilityGuidelines™ can be enhanced with other capabilities including our proprietary Predictive Disability Duration Modeling, which provides individualized duration recommendations; ACOEM’s Treatment Guidelines; and the AMA’s CPT® Codes for medical procedures.

Interested? Try DisabilityGuidelines™ for free by clicking here.

[i] Disability Guidelines: Cystocele or Rectocele, www.

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