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At MDGuidelines, our goal is to help you efficiently manage cases and return patients to work as quickly and safely as possible. Toward that end, we are continually making product improvements to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information available. As 2020 winds down, we wanted to highlight some of this year’s updates to MDGuidelines, as well as provide a sneak peek at some of the many exciting product enhancements scheduled for 2021.

 MDGuidelines 2020 Product Highlights:

  • Updated more than 250 return-to-work topics.
  • Published more than 110 new and updated duration tables.
  • Added more than 135 new drug recommendations to our Formulary, with many focusing on our new Depressive Disorders and Antiemetics guidelines from ACOEM.
  • Updated drug pricing information in our Formulary tool.
  • Released 3 new ACOEM clinical guidelines — Depressive Disorders, Antiemetics, and COVID-19 (Coronavirus) — and published several updates, including the Low Back Disorders and Occupational Asthma guidelines. The COVID-19 guideline was also updated multiple times this year as new data became available.
  • Enhanced our proprietary duration statistics and predictive models by incorporating tens of thousands of new records. Our duration estimates are now based on the industry’s largest dataset of more than 18 million disability cases.
  • Migrated our back-end publishing system to the cloud, which enables more rapid publishing of content and data.

What’s coming to MDGuidelines in 2021:

We’ll save a few surprises for the new year, but here are some of the MDGuidelines enhancements we have planned for 2021:

  • A new tool to help you quickly and easily see how your population of cases compares to MDGuidelines’ duration benchmarks.
  • Improvements to our Job Titles/Job Classification Tool to help you manage disability cases more effectively.
  • A new ACOEM guideline that provides evidence-based screening and treatment recommendations for anxiety disorders.
  • Continued periodic updates to ACOEM’s COVID-19 guideline to reflect the latest information about treatments and vaccines.
  • Improvements to our website that will make it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for, including duration estimates, medical costs, treatment recommendations, and more.

We thank you for your business and wish you a happy and safe New Year!


MDGuidelines 2020 Highlights

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