Great news! Reed Group’s MDGuidelines now has a newly upgraded predictive modeling tool for tailoring return-to-work (RTW) durations for disability, workers’ compensation, absence management and health care.

Many factors can influence recovery times, and employers, insurers, TPAs and healthcare practitioners all struggle to accurately predict when injured or ill employees will be able to return to work.

Predictive modeling tools employ statistical techniques that allow general RTW guidelines to be more closely tailored based on factors such as age, job class and the presence of additional (co-morbid) health conditions.

The new version of the predictive model is fully integrated and presented “in-line” with the textual RTW guidelines, and offers a unique Days Saved Calculator to help stakeholders understand the impact of proper case management.

MDGuidelines’ new enhanced predictive modeling tool allows users to:

* Quickly choose from a list of common co-morbid conditions (such as diabetes or obesity) with one click.

* Input up to three co-morbid conditions.

* Further tailor the prediction with fields for workers’ compensation and geography.

* Compare the tailored guideline (based on thousands of real-world cases) to the expected physiological healing time for the primary injury. This comparison helps case managers identify psychosocial factors that may extend the absence and apply additional resources as needed to help the employee back to work sooner.

* Input the employee’s salary to calculate the direct cost of the employee’s projected absence.

* Calculate the estimated savings if the case is managed to the physiological recovery duration instead of the real-world recovery duration.

“There is absolutely nothing else in the marketplace today that compares with the power and ease of use of this new predictive modeling tool,” says Jon Seymour, MD, president, guidelines, for Reed Group. “Combined with MDGuidelines’ superior data quality, this tool gives return-to-work stakeholders the functionality they need to achieve better outcomes, reduce costs and help employees return to their normal productive endeavors.”

For a demonstration of Reed Group’s new MDGuidelines predictive modeling tool, or to receive a free 30-day trial of MDGuidelines, please contact John Nelson at 866.889.4449 or

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