Mother with adopted child

Puerto Rico enacted legislation (House Bill No. 2424) effective August 8, 2020 expanding its Working Mothers Protection Act to provide up to five weeks of job-protected, paid leave to female employees who adopt a minor child six years of age or older. The leave entitlement begins to run on the date the child is received by the female employee’s family.

Prior to the amendment, maternity leave for adoptive mothers was limited to situations where a female employee adopted a child age five or younger who was not yet enrolled in school. Female employees who adopt a child falling into this latter category will continue to receive eight weeks of paid maternity leave under the law.

In order to take paid leave, the adoptive mother must notify her employer at least 30 days in advance of her intention to: (1) adopt a child; (2) use maternity leave; and (3) return to her job. The employee must also submit documentation of the adoption procedures. Employers must provide full benefits and pay to qualifying employees for the duration of the leave.

The Working Mothers Protection Act applies to all private employers in Puerto Rico, and is part of ReedGroup’s core product offering. ReedGroup is updating impacted plans to ensure that its clients’ employees who are new mothers in Puerto Rico receive the appropriate amount of job-protected leave.

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