New Online Training Course for Physicians is a Primer on Disability Prevention and Management

For most working adults, getting sidelined by illness or injury can have devastating consequences for their family and career as well as for their financial, physical and emotional well-being. Yet very few physicians receive formal education or training in how to prevent and minimize that impact on patients’ major life functions, especially their jobs.

To respond to this need, Reed Group and Webility Corporation today announced a new e-learning course: Mastering MDGuidelines: Using Disability Duration Guidelines for Clinical Patient Care.

Co-developed by disability experts Jon Seymour, MD, and Jennifer Christian, MD, the brief e-course efficiently delivers a primer in disability prevention and management to treating clinicians of all specialties.

“Patients, employers, insurance carriers, case management firms, and claims administration companies all complain of physicians’ lack of awareness of – and willingness to play – the communications role prescribed for them in disability cases,” says Reed Group President, Guidelines, Jon Seymour, MD. “This e-course will help address that issue by building clinician awareness and ability to use the MDGuidelines resource in the manner in which it always has been intended – as the source of objective information that, when shared, creates common ground and allows all parties to achieve common goals and better outcomes in the return-to-work process.”

Webility Corporation President Jennifer Christian, MD, says: “We designed this e-course like a Cliff Notes introduction to disability prevention and management for busy doctors: 30 to 45 minutes of clinician-friendly instruction on how to give sound practical advice to working-age patients about what they should and shouldn’t do, both at home and at work while recovering from injury and illness.”

To arrange group purchases of the e-course, call Reed Group at 866.889.4449 or email jnelson(at)

To take the course, go to the Webility website and click on MDG101: Mastering MDGuidelines: Using Disability Duration Guidelines for Clinical Patient Care. Tuition is $50, payable by credit card. Course completion earns 0.75 hours of Category I CME credit.

MDGuidelines is the disability industry’s leading return-to-work reference toolset. Available as a web-based resource or integrated with the user’s IT system, MDGuidelines offers real-world and idealized return-to-work durations with advanced predictive modeling, ACOEM treatment guidelines, state workers’ compensation treatment guidelines, and medical monographs for reference and employee/patient education.

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