Part 3, Medical Cost Savings Series: How the US Can Save $6B in Medical Costs: The Financial Impact of Reducing Short-Term Disability Durations

As our country debates who should pay for healthcare, we continue to sidestep a fundamental problem: the U.S. spends more on healthcare than any other country, approximately $3.2 trillion in 2015, but we under perform on all key health outcomes relative to other industrialized nations.1–3 To overcome these challenges, top health economists point to the … Continued

Reed Group’s LeavePro™ Software Now Available Direct to Employers

Absence Management Software is Built on Deep, Industry-Leading Expertise Managing the ever-more complex web of FMLA, disability and other regulated leaves is a huge headache for today’s employers. Fearing noncompliance, many over-approve leaves, wasting money and hurting productivity. Others mistakenly deny leaves, running the risk of multi-million dollar legal action. To help organizations solve this … Continued

Reed Group Launches Leave of Absence Advisor

Newest Addition to MDGuidelines™ Return-to-Work Toolkit Helps Users Navigate FMLA, State FML and Other Leave Laws With a myriad of overlapping leave laws and potential million-dollar claim disputes, it’s no wonder eight out of 10 employers cite leave law administration as their most difficult HR activity. To help organizations cope with this growing complexity, Reed Group® … Continued

Join Us at DMEC!

Will you be attending DMEC 20Eleven in Dallas next week? The Reed Group team will be there. We’re looking forward to seeing old and new friends, and to introducing you to our exciting new products and services. Register to win an iPad at our booth #104 and receive personalized demos of: * Leave of Absence Advisor — … Continued

Join us at RIMS!

Are you attending RIMS 2011 in Vancouver? Be sure to stop by the Reed Group booth #1842 and say hi to our team! We’ve got a lot of exciting things to share with you, including new MDGuidelines e-courses, our industry-leading predictive modeling tool, and much more!