Next week there’s a big conference that draws a lot of interesting people in our industry, the DMEC (Disability Management Employer Coalition) annual conference. Reed Group is a major sponsor of this event, and we’ll be there to present on two important topics:

  • “”Three Ways To ADA”: We’re presenting alongside leaders from Lowe’s, CenturyLink and Intel to review their case studies of different approaches to ADA administration (10-11, Tuesday, August 12.)
  • Later the same day, we’ll talk about the issues surrounding opioid use among working people “Opioids: A Big Buzzkill” for the track that focuses on workers comp and disability (Tuesday, 1:30-2:30.)

Also, we have a booth (#220 for those of you that remember your floor maps,) and we’re having a drawing for a GoPro camera….plus we’re signing people up for free trials of LeaveAdvisor. So, you should stop by.

We really like this event – it tends to draw genuine experts and people who are ready to talk about, and take in, worthwhile ideas and strategies on managing employee absence. Plus, you know, VEGAS. Should be fun! Hope to see you there.