We have four unique and interconnected parts of our business that deliver value for you and your people.


Our evidence based clinical content that delivers intelligent, point-of-care clinical decision support, physiological duration tables, analytics, and consultative services that empower employers, insurers and providers to successfully improve outcomes, promote active lifestyles and achieve tangible ROI.

Absence Outsourcing

Our comprehensive set of outsourced and unique, co-sourced services provides end-to-end management of all absence and leave types through exceptional customer service and delivery models, including optional concierge services.


Highly secure, enterprise-wide SaaS software built to easily track, manage and automate your company’s leaves and absences. LeavePro® is the state-of-the art technology platform we utilize in our own Absence Outsourcing business to manage over 9 million lives across a diverse set of industries.


Our set of products and services designed to capitalize on your absence and health data to drive meaningful decision making. By leveraging years of occupational expertise and work productivity thought leadership, we use your data along with our proprietary database of over 7 million real world cases, and provide you with actionable insights in the form of data seamlessly integrated into our advanced analytic platform and visualized through rich reporting capabilities.


There’s a better way to manage absence, and ReedGroup is your solution. ReedGroup helps you harness the power of your workforce while reducing the cost, compliance risk, and complexity of employee absence.

absence-picAt any given time, 10.7% of the US workforce will be on leave. Of this, approximately 64% will be continuous, 35% will be intermittent, and 1.5% will have a reduced work schedule. The average time an employee is on leave is about two weeks. As employee leaves continue to become more complex, so does your job.

The process for managing leaves can be confusing and daunting, but the upside you’ll gain from working with a capable and innovative partner is significant.

Imagine the potential of a highly productive and healthy workforce. ReedGroup maximizes your ability to return your employees to health and productivity while equipping you with the resources to face these challenges.

Our products, services, tools and software address workplace absence associated with:

  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), including intermittent leaves
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA/ADAAA), including both leave and workplace accommodations
  • state leave laws
  • USERRA/Military Leaves
  • self-funded short- and long-term disability programs
  • unique company leaves that might include personal and non-FMLA medical leaves

Our Solutions Work

  • Average of 10% to 12% reduction in lost work days
  • Dramatic reduction in replacement labor costs

Explore a full outsourced solution for your absence administration, or work with us in a blended partnership where you utilize our robust Enterprise SaaS software while handling select administration tasks internally– all on the same single, integrated platform.

Complete Outsourcing

Outsource your entire disability and absence administration process to us. Your employees receive expert support and care from clinically trained case managers and leave specialists, while being treated respectfully and with compassion.

Through our comprehensive compliance services and integrated compliance engine, you can be sure you’re up to speed with federal and state laws, as well your own regulations, all with a focus on medically-appropriate return-to-work.


ReedGroup is unique in offering a blended partnership model called co-sourcing. Our strategic technology platform, LeavePro®, allows you to manage certain absence administration services in-house, while we oversee other aspects of your administration, all on the same strategic technology platform. You and your HR managers are able to easily access all data produced by any user—giving you the control you want, and the expertise you need.

And there’s more

Beyond our outsourced and co-sourced solutions, ReedGroup offers:

  • A true case management approach
  • 100% clinical review on all disability claims
  • Compelling return-to-work outcomes

Want to manage everything yourself, but need the software to do it? We can help with that too. Built specifically for leave and disability administration, LeavePro® is a powerful enterprise solution that takes absence management to a new level.


Spend less time on leave administration while consistently producing better outcomes. LeavePro® is ReedGroup’s robust SaaS application for fully-integrated absence case management. It reduces the need to rely on additional staffing, automates tasks that are the most common source of manual errors, and frees HR and administration teams from excessive leave management activity. The end result is increased accuracy, reduced costs and improved outcomes.

LeavePro® is built on the solid foundation of our 30+ years of expertise in software and technology, return-to-work case management, and medical reference tools. Constructed to include automated workflows, a business rules engine, and an employee self-service portal, LeavePro®’s innovative technology empowers your company with the most usable enterprise solution available on one platform.

Administration Scope

The LeavePro® software product includes modules that support the administration of:

  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), including intermittent leaves
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA/ADAAA), both leaves and workplace accommodations
  • state leave laws
  • USERRA/Military Leaves
  • short- and long-term disability programs
  • unique company leaves including personal or non FMLA medical leaves
LeavePro®’s Core Capabilities
  • Guided intake
  • Configurable company leave plans
  • Automation of eligibility, notifications, and workflows
  • An automated compliance engine that ensures leave updates are quickly and easily replicated across multiple client configurations
  • Online 24/7 self-service portal allowing employees to request leaves, provides leave status updates, notifications and reports to managers and supervisors
  • 24/7 case management and leave status reporting
  • Fully secure: ReedGroup’s Information Security Policies and Procedures are based on the ISO/IEC 27002 information security standard, and are frequently audited
  • Data integration: ReedGroup offers real-time web service integrations with external systems to manage employee data and leave activity
  • Reporting, including productivity, transactional leave and high level management reports

The Measure of Health

ReedGroup thinks about the entire continuum of care. We ask, “How can we better unite stakeholders to help employees and patients get back to health, their work, and their lives, in a timely, more effective manner?”

The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing, sparking new approaches to the way individuals receive care. To succeed, everyone across the continuum of care must work together to achieve the Triple Aim: better outcomes, lower costs and a more positive patient experience.

Building on our rich history of helping employers and insurers manage the health of the populations they serve, ReedGroup’s MDGuidelines integrates evidence-based guidelines, physiological duration tables and clinical analytics to help stakeholders drive better outcomes together. MDGuidelines, a web-based platform, is the industry’s most trusted solution for impacting evidence-based care across entire populations, and is designed to help patients more quickly return to their healthy, active lives.

MDGuidelines is also the exclusive publisher of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine’s (ACOEM) evidence-based treatment guidelines. ACOEM’s Guidelines are the gold standard in effective treatment of occupational injuries and illnesses. No other guideline product compares.


Let data drive your plan and policy decisions.

Accurate and timely data produces powerful information. It’s the key to increasing your company’s productivity.

ReedInsights is our technology platform that, together with our analytic expertise, turns your company’s own comprehensive data into meaningful insight, content, and visuals.

The ReedInsights Platform

Our flexible, advanced analytics platform provides on-demand data access with sophisticated visual and reporting capabilities. Users can explore data relationships through an interactive drag and drop interface, and support root cause analysis with data drill down capabilities. Users have access to a library of report templates which are prepopulated with your company’s own data, and also shareable with business stakeholders.

  • Direct access to leave data
  • Easy to use interface
  • Collaborative shareable platform
  • High design graphical templates

Our proprietary database of over 7 million real world cases, in-house work and productivity expertise, and new advanced analytics platform give it the ability to maximize your business strategy with intelligent insights.

The ReedInsights Expertise

Along with our industry-leading platform, our team of experienced data experts support your program by providing customized insight into the patterns of absence within your company, helping you to better understand the key drivers of your costs. With this information in hand, you can better refine your strategy and programs with the ultimate goal of improving the overall health and productivity of your employees.


Compliance is our business.

There are countless leave laws in the United States, with increases to their numbers and types adding complexity to leave management. And inconsistencies in state law parameters like eligibility, leave reasons, and covered relationships mean there is much to follow. But ReedGroup’s online reference tools and compliance experts keep companies up to speed.

Compliance Support and Expertise

ReedGroup’s compliance services help lead your organization by staying ahead of leave laws, preparing for any industry changes, and offering expert guidance. Our Compliance Team has employment law expertise and in-depth knowledge of absence and disability management laws and regulations. Your company will remain in full compliance without having to stay on top of the changing legal landscape of leave and disability.

ReedGroup offers compliance consultation with your human resources and legal counsel with a focus on:

  • guidance
  • risk mitigation
  • long term planning