Absence co-sourcing is the best of both worlds.

This blended model keeps some work in-house, and leaves the rest to us.

ReedGroup is the first to offer this unique co-sourcing product. With it, you will get the advantage of our absence management software, LeavePro®, which allows you to retain certain leave and absence administration services in-house, while outsourcing the rest of your program-all on one platform. You can access claims information, ensuring optimal efficiency.

With co-sourcing, you will have automatic hand-offs within the software between your team and ReedGroup. It is built into the system and requires no extra communication via email or phone. If you need to communicate with our team, you simply add or upload needed information into LeavePro. That means full transparency on both ends depending on your role.

Our co-sourcing model is designed to be flexible so that you can chose the offering that works best for you. Below are examples of combinations of our delivery models we’ve created so that you can see how we can work together. We’ll work with you to understand what level of integration is best for you and your employees.

“I can’t say enough about the experience of using the LeavePro interface. It meets all our needs thanks to its solid functionality, and it helps us in the areas of time efficiencies and clean claim management processes. We use LeavePro constantly.”

– Kinder Morgan Leave of Absence Team

Here are some examples of our co-sourcing model

Examples of ReedGroup's co-sourcing model