COVID-19: A Pandemic of Teachable Moments

COVID-19 has taken us all on a crash course in infection control and personal planning considerations that range from learning how to thrive amidst an invisible threat to practicing greater compassion for each other. The curriculum this fall includes a mandatory new course requirement, in which earning a passing grade is a must. The subject? … Continued

Try Not to Die this Summer

I’ve been thinking a lot about death lately. It all started after reading the cryptic advice of a man named Bob Weighton. When asked for the secret to his longevity on his 111th birthday, Mr. Weighton replied “I have no answer, except to avoid dying.”1 I keep wondering exactly how he managed to accomplish this … Continued

Mindfulness Challenge: Thrive on Stress

This April, Stress Awareness Month has me thinking about the universal problem of stress. A certain amount of stress is normal, and keeps us actively engaged in work, love and life through the release of hormones that increase our energy levels and help us focus on beneficial activity. But circumstances can rapidly turn a healthy … Continued

Cancer: The Common Thread

World Cancer Day may fall on February 4th this year, but with a lifetime risk of cancer affecting 1 in 5 men and 1 in 6 women, cancer is a daily experience for many.1 Cancer is the second most common cause of mortality in the world,2 and it seems to be everywhere: Who among us … Continued

Take a Holiday from Stress

Feeling stressed out lately? I know exactly what you mean. The holiday season is here, traffic is worsening, and serious health issues abound. Stress, a term we associate with a state of negative emotional disruption, is linked to all sorts of physical and psychological harms that range from heart disease to depression and from addictive … Continued

The Pleasures and Perils of Solar Radiation

The sun always seems to be at maximum sizzle during the dog days of summer when Sirius, the brightest star in the night skies of the northern hemisphere, rises with the sun. Like most of us, I always looked forward to playing outside in the summertime sun as a child, but over time I’ve come … Continued

Striking Down Migraine Headaches Before They Start

Reading about migraines is enough to give anyone a headache. Not only is migraine the sixth most prevalent non-fatal condition in the world and the second most common cause of disability (low back pain still tops the list),1 it ranks as the number one cause of years lived with disability (YLDs) in individuals under the age … Continued

Take Cover from the Flu This Season

Defend against viral invasion with three simple steps   The flu season this year is nothing to sneeze at. The current H3N2 subtype of influenza A is a particularly severe strain that is affecting not only the young, old, and ill, but is also striking down people in their prime. This virulent flu strain is … Continued

Quench “Holiday Heart Syndrome” This Season

Let the holiday spirit into your heart – in moderation   ‘Tis the season to be jolly, which for many of us includes raising a glass of holiday cheer to toast the health and happiness of friends and loved ones. But for some, an overabundance of celebrating the season with champagne and spiked eggnog may … Continued