Good news for users of the ClaimVantage!

ClaimVantage’s cloud computing disability claims system is now available with our MDGuidelines return-to-work reference toolset. MDGuidelines can be embedded in ClaimVantage for seamless, easy-to-use claims and case management workflow.

“Reed Group is the de facto standard for return-to-work guidelines, and the new MDGuidelines predictive model is the best available anywhere,” says ClaimVantage CEO Leo Corcoran. “This allows our customers to add an additional best practice to claims management by enhancing the ability of claims adjusters to manage for best outcomes.”

“ClaimVantage is an excellent product, and we’re pleased to partner with them,” says Reed Group President, Guidelines, Jon Seymour, M.D. “MDGuidelines embedded in ClaimVantage creates a powerful decision-support toolset for benchmarking and improving outcomes for employee absence and return-to-work claims.”

ClaimVantage already has customers using the embedded MDGuidelines and is now implementing our MDGuidelines predictive modeling tool.

The ClaimVantage Absence Management system is designed to help companies manage the complexities of complying with Federal and state FMLA regulations. The system uses software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology to allow employers and their representatives to step through absence intake, eligibility and determination processes with easy-to-use wizards to adjudicate employee absence. Absence accumulators are managed and updated automatically by the system for accurate tracking and processing.

Claim Vantage Disability Claim software supports the full life cycle of claim management, including intake, assignment, eligibility, case management, workflow, tasks, payments and operational reports. Using SaaS technology, it is claim analyst-centric to drive accurate and timely claim decisions.