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Compliance is our business.

There are myriad leave laws in the United States, with increases to their numbers and types on a constant basis, adding complexity to leave management. Inconsistencies in state law parameters like eligibility, leave reasons, and covered relationships means it isn’t easy to coordinate the many laws that can apply to any given absence. But ReedGroup’s online reference tools and compliance experts keep companies up to speed.

Compliance Support and Expertise

ReedGroup’s compliance services help your organization by staying ahead of leave laws, preparing for any industry changes, and offering expert guidance. Our Compliance Team has employment law expertise and in-depth knowledge of absence and disability management laws and regulations. Your company will remain in full compliance without having to dedicate resources to monitoring the changing landscape of leave and disability laws.

ReedGroup offers compliance consultation with your human resources and legal counsel with a focus on:

  • Guidance
  • Risk mitigation
  • Long term planning

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Parents May Take FMLA Leave to Attend Child’s Individualized Education Meetings

Parents recently received a thumbs up from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) to use intermittent FMLA leave to attend individualized education program (IEP) meetings related to a child with a serious health condition. Issued on August 8, 2019, the DOL’s new opinion...
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Top 5 Tips for Understanding New Paid Leave Laws

New paid leave laws keep coming! Just when you think you’ve mastered the existing laws, a new one is enacted and you have to review your policies and practices all over again. To help ease the burden, here are our top five tips for keeping abreast of the new paid...
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Hey, my employee is fishing in Mexico while out on FMLA. Can I Fire Them?

Many employers have encountered a similar situation and intuitively, the decision appears to be an easy one. You have an employee who has been approved for FMLA, then later you discover they were vacationing in Mexico. You even have photographs of them fishing,...
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California Adds Two Weeks to Paid Family Leave for 2020: Looks to Expand to Three Months in 2021

California continues its push to lead the country in providing workers with paid leave benefits. The latest expansion increases the amount of paid family leave from six to eight weeks in 2020. And an even bigger expansion is planned for 2021-22 as newly passed...
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The ReedGroup Compliance Team

James Venable, JD, SPHR, is the Vice President of Employment Law, Absence and Accommodation Compliance, providing expertise in the areas of Absence Management Compliance and Employee Relations Counseling. James has more than 20 years of experience across senior roles in Legal, Human Resources, and Compliance from several Fortune 500 companies.

Sue Woods, Esq. is Senior Compliance Counsel focusing on product and operational compliance in leave and absence management solutions. Sue brings years of experience practicing labor and employment law, including advising employers on the intricacies of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Title VII, and state and local leave laws.

Ashlee Brennan, Esq. is Senior Compliance Counsel working in leave of absence management compliance, conflict resolution, and cross-departmental problem-solving. She has experience in assisting individuals with disabilities in a variety of roles. Ashlee has specialized in statutory disability and paid family leave compliance while also providing solutions for FMLA, ADA, and ERISA concerns.

Sheri Pullen is a Senior Compliance Specialist developing leave of absence and disability content across a variety of platforms as well as providing direction and expertise regarding federal and state leave law compliance. Sheri has also written human resources and benefits policies and web content, created instructional content for software users, and led software implementations.