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Data and Analytics

Let data drive your plan and policy decisions.

Accurate and timely data produces powerful information. It’s the key to increasing your company’s productivity.

ReedInsights is our technology platform that, together with our analytic expertise, turns your company’s own comprehensive data into meaningful insight, content, and visuals.

The ReedInsights Platform

Our flexible, advanced analytics platform provides on-demand data access with sophisticated visual and reporting capabilities. Users can explore data relationships through an interactive drag and drop interface, and support root cause analysis with data drill down capabilities. Users have access to a library of report templates which are prepopulated with your company’s own data, and also shareable with business stakeholders.

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  • Direct access to leave data
  • Easy to use interface
  • Collaborative shareable platform
  • High design graphical templates

Our proprietary database of over 7 million real world cases, in-house work and productivity expertise, and new advanced analytics platform give it the ability to maximize your business strategy with intelligent insights.

The ReedInsights Expertise

Along with our industry-leading platform, our team of experienced data experts support your program by providing customized insight into the patterns of absence within your company, helping you to better understand the key drivers of your costs. With this information in hand, you can better refine your strategy and programs with the ultimate goal of improving the overall health and productivity of your employees.

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