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Outsourcing the leave process to ReedGroup is a win for employers, employees and you.

If your clients need customizable TPA services and SaaS software, ReedGroup has the solution. We are the largest exclusive provider of absence management services for companies with 10,000 or more employees.

Three ways we are better:

  1. RTW decisions are based on scientific fact. Our MDGuidelines’ is researched and evaluated by an academic-based research team.
  2. ReedGroup’s compliance team has years of employment law and absence regulations expertise. They track absence legislation and post blogs to keep you up-to-date.
  3. Partnering with us means your clients spend less time tracking leaves and know their employees are treated with respect and compassion.

Provides Employers Peace of Mind

Our streamlined process means your clients’ days are freed up to focus on their business. HR finds their stress lowered and workload reduced resulting in increased productivity. And, they appreciate the personalized service their workforce receives.

Trusted Partner

We treat employees with respect, compassion and expertise so that our work is an exceptional reflection of your clients. We are there for employees through hard times and care for them as deeply as employers do.

RTW Decisions Backed by Science

ReedGroup’s proprietary MDGuidelines is the most dependable decision support tool in the industry. It helps employers, insurers, and providers by applying consistent, tested and proven guidelines to treatments and recovery timeframes.

In a growing market ReedGroup is backed by the financial strength of Guardian.

Guardian purchased ReedGroup in 2013 which means we get the best of both worlds. We remain independent to partner with insurance carriers, and benefit from the financial strength of a Fortune 500 company. Guardian has been helping people protect their future and secure their lives for more than 150 years. And, backed with the absence management expertise from ReedGroup, we are on a journey to provide absence services for every company; large or small.

Innovation, insights and trusted expertise. Put them all to work for your clients.

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Leave Management Software

We manage the entire leave of absence process for companies with 5,000 or more employees, at one location or across many. We are experts at managing leaves accurately and with timely determinations.
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Our proprietary MDGuidelines ensures consistent application of tested and proven absence guidelines, treatments and recovery times resulting in better outcomes, a tangible ROI and enhanced employee experiences.
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Compliance Expertise

Our compliance department are experts in employment law and absence regulations. We understand policies across the U.S. and we track all proposed or pending legislation, regulations and deadlines.
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