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As a large employer, it can be challenging to effectively manage the thousands of leaves taken by employees each year. Human Resources teams are required to tightly govern their absence management systems, manage unwieldy and multi-faceted claims, and keep their employee populations happy at the same time.

For many of these companies, outsourcing absence management is the answer.

ReedGroup’s Absence Outsourcing: End-to-End Claim Management

When you outsource your leave management solutions to ReedGroup, you have experts on your side who are ensuring a seamless employee experience, consistency, accuracy, and governance while also reducing your HR managers’ administrative burden. ReedGroup’s absence management offers:

  • A strong operations team who handle claims from beginning to end;
  • Customization of your leave program—even for companies with complex and varied plan structures;
  • Clear communications with employees that ensures employees take part in their leaves;
  • A leave-law compliance engine that ensures you are always in compliance;
  • Thorough claim evaluation by top experts;
  • Reductions in durations and cost savings

Types of Leave We Manage

  • Self-funded Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability
  • Family Medical Leave Act
  • State leaves
  • Company-specific leaves of absence (jury duty, statutory leave, personal leave, etc.)
  • ADA leave as an accommodation
  • ADA Workplace Accommodations
  • Military leave (USERRA)

“Our employees perform critical jobs in their professions in the medical field, so having a tightly governed system for getting them back to work after being out due to illness or injury is essential to us. Our employees are dispersed across the country and ReedGroup is able to manage our case load while also keeping us compliant across the many states our employees work within.”

- Benefits Director, Leading Emergency Medical Services Provider

Absence Co-Sourcing

Some organizations have internal teams to handle certain aspects of absence management but they require a support partner.
If that best represents your needs, we offer co-sourcing so you can retain some services in-house and rely on us to manage the rest. We do this using our LeavePro absence management software, which keeps you connected to us, and us to you, on one platform.
To speak with someone about our outsourcing solutions, click the button below for a quick form fill or email us directly at sales@reedgroup.com.